How Boxed Wine Is Made: Functionality & Keeping Wine Fresh Longer

Although wine is one of the world’s most beloved drinks, it has one major flaw: it goes bad fast. A few days after popping the cork on a bottle and the wine inside is ruined by the oxygen in the air. This means you have to finish the bottle quickly so it doesn’t go to waste, meaning you either have to drink more than you wanted to or throw it away. The biggest draw of boxed wine is the fact that it stays good for much longer than bottled wine thanks to its packaging. Like the winemaking process, wine itself is very delicate and must be carefully handled and packaged to make sure that its subtle flavors and textures remain intact.

The Science Of Wine Going Bad

The process of making wine depends on bacteria naturally found in grapes and keeping them from growing. In a highly controlled environment with the winemaker, yeast is added to the grapes to turn the natural sugars into alcohol. This happens in an oxygen-free environment so that the bacteria are unable to thrive. However, when the cork of a bottle is opened, the bacteria are able to feed on the oxygen in the air and begin to grow. They turn the sugars and alcohol into a form of acid that gives the wine a flavor like vinegar. This process is known as oxidation. Boxed wine avoids this problem by not exposing wine to the oxygen in the first place.

How Boxed Wine Avoids Oxidation

Inside of the cardboard box, the wine is held in a plastic bladder. A valve is built in to this bladder that allows wine to come out without letting oxygen back in. Since you never open the wine to the outside, it is never exposed to enough oxygen to let bacteria ruin its flavor. As you dispense wine from the box, the bladder inside collapses so that there is no room for air inside. Since the wine is not exposed to oxygen, it can sit inside the box and bladder system for roughly a month before its taste goes bad.

The Benefits Of Boxed Wine Lasting Longer

Although it may seem obvious, the benefit of boxed wine staying good longer is that you get to enjoy your wine over a longer period of time without worrying about it. Instead of stressing over finishing a bottle in an evening or a few days, you can let your box sit on the counter or in the fridge for a month. You’ll have plenty of time to finish off the box before it goes bad. Maybe you want just one glass after a long day? No problem! With a bottle, you’d end up wasting money. With a box of wine, you just put it back on the counter for tomorrow. Enjoying your wine over a longer period of time makes the entire process more relaxing and enjoyable, not to mention boxed wine tastes great after that long day at work!

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