Box Wine Of The Month Spotlight: Black Box Red Sangria

Here at Box Wine Enthusiast, we are dedicated to bringing you the best boxed wines on the market. We know that there are lots of different brands, varietals, and kinds of boxed wine out there. Some are great, others are, well, not as great. That’s why we want to help you find delicious boxed wines that you can enjoy without worrying about taste or quality. So, without further ado, we introduce you to the all-new Box Wine Of The Month Spotlight here on

In this series of articles, we will introduce you to some of the best boxed wines on the market. Some will be new, like this week’s, and some will be classic favorites. One thing is for certain: you don’t want to miss out on these awesome wines. Each month be sure to try a box of the featured wine with friends or enjoy it solo. Not only will you get to try some tasty new wines, you can make it a tradition and have a great time doing it.

Introducing The Black Box Red Sangria

Our July Box Wine Of The Month is the all-new Red Sangria from Black Box Premium Wines. Coming from the winemakers with over 50 gold medals to their name, this refreshingly fruity wine pairs great with the summer heat.

A Bit About The Makers

Black Box focuses on one thing: making premium boxed wines. They were one of the first big winemakers to embrace the box wine lifestyle, eventually shifting their entire business-model to focus on making only boxed wines. They put their tasty wines in sleek packaging and price it affordably so that everyone can try and enjoy it. Each box contains 3L of wine, the equivalent of just over 4 bottles. Once opened, the wine inside stays fresh for up to 6 weeks, so you have plenty of time to finish. Black Box has a total of 12 varietals, so you’re sure to love at least one (but probably many more).

About The Sangria

Sangria is a perfect wine for summertime drinking. The fresh fruit flavors make it the ultimate refreshment on a hot day. Black Box’s take on it has aromas of orange and flavors of fresh berries and citrus. It has a crisp finish that leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated. The best way to serve this wine is chilled or on ice (yes really) with slices of your favorite fresh fruit floating in it. We recommend the classic orange slices, pear, or apple. You’ll love the lively flavor that’s packed into this box and will want to make it your go-to summer drink.

What To Eat With Black Box Sangria

Of course, every great wine needs an equally great meal to go with it. Although you could drink this sangria solo, here are some delectable food pairing options that make your summer even sweeter:

  • Fresh Guacamole Salsa with Spicy Chicken Tacos: The fresh, buttery flavor of avocado and the spiciness of the tacos perfectly compliment the flavor of the sangria. Not to mention, they are a healthy meal that everyone will love. Easy to make, easier to enjoy.
  • Tapas: Since sangria has very traditional Mediterranean roots, adding some tapas to the party can be a great idea. Tapas are small, savory dishes that are made just to be served with drinks. Some awesome ones include: paella, bruschetta, empanada, patatas bravas, and pincho.

What To Do With Sangria

Well, drink it of course. Just kidding. If eating with your wine isn’t your thing (or if you’re finished eating already) then paring Black Box Sangria with some fun activities can make drinking the wine even better. Try these great summer ideas to enjoy with your sangria:

  • Paint & Sip Party: Pairing your sangria with a painting party is a ticket to a night full of memories and laughter. Put on your artist hat and try your hand at recreating or reimagining the works of iconic Mediterranean painters like Picasso and Salvador Dali.
  • Outdoor Backyard Games: Like we said, sangria is perfect for refreshing you on hot summer days. Get outside and enjoy time with family and friends while playing some fun backyard games this summer. Try your hand at cornhole, bocce ball, ladderball, and more!
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