WineNook Is The Stylish, Classy Way To Dispense Your Boxed Wine

Here at Box Wine Enthusiast, we are so excited to announce our partnership with WineNook. This awesome company makes elegant wooden boxes, known affectionately as a “wine nook” to display, dispense, and store your boxed wine. We love their product and think you will too. Just for you, our readers, WineNook has offered a 15% off promo code so you can get your wine styling. Be sure to read through the article and check out the promo code at the end so you can get yours.

WineNook co-founder Cindy Saadeh had this to say about their innovative product: “The Wine Nook was created out of a necessity for a more elegant way to serve box wine at my gallery events.”

She went on to discuss the thoughtful functionality that comes with each WineNook, “We covered all the bases with our patented design–accommodates any 3-liter bag, raises the box off the counter so a glass fits underneath, can be used with an ice pack for chilled wine and has a place to label the beverage inside.”

We got a chance to get our hands on this product for ourselves and can’t get enough of it. When you order a Wine Nook, you’ll get a package containing everything you need to elevate your boxed wine game. From the beautifully crafted wooden box to the metal stand to the Instagram-ready chalkboard on the front, your wine has never looked better. All you have to do is remove the bladder from your box of wine, slide it into the Wine Nook, close the door, and pour.

If you want to use it outdoors, you’ll receive a free, handy reusable cold pack that fits into the box to keep your wine chilled. A durable leather strap on top makes it easy to carry whether that means outside to your barbeque or just to the living room so you don’t have to keep getting up for another glass. At every angle, and in every location, the Wine Nook makes your boxed wine seem less like just a drink and more like a decoration in your home.

Co-founder Michael Ripper said, “I purposely left space underneath the chalkboard label so that the Wine Nook and Little Nook are customizable. Each door can be engraved to add a personal touch to your gift. Another popular choice is to have your business logo engraved and use to serve wine or any non-carbonated beverage up to 80 proof at your events.”

There truly are endless possibilities when using a Wine Nook. Even if you (or someone you know) isn’t a wine lover, you can use the Wine Nook for many other things. Michael told us that some customers have used it for margaritas, bourbon, tea, lemonade, and even olive oil for cooking. The handy label on the front means you’ll always know exactly what’s inside.

The possibility of adding your business logo or any meaningful personal engraving adds to the character of these boxes. You can add your names, a favorite quote, or even some simple designs.

Currently, WineNook offers a variety of trendy wood colors that are perfect to match any style you have in your home. Two beautiful wood varieties are dark walnut and light maple. If you want something more contemporary, the Little Nook comes in a variety of colors. Choose from red, black, or white to match your colorful lifestyle.

When it comes to boxed wine, we always want to share the highest quality with you. So, when we tell you that WineNook offers not just a great product, but a great service, we mean it. You’ll love the excellent customer service of everyone on the WineNook team and will adore your beautifully made Wine Nook. Don’t hesitate to get your hands on one today and free your boxed wine from that cardboard box. Give it a life of style and elegance in its very own Wine Nook.

With the holidays coming up, Wine Nooks make a great gift for your loved ones (or the wine lovers) in your life. Everyone can appreciate the elegance and class that these beautiful boxes bring.

As promised, the lovely folks at WineNook have offered us a 15% off promo code that we can pass on to all of our awesome readers. Just enter the code BWE01 at checkout on to redeem your discount and get a Wine Nook for yourself.

This promo code is valid through March 10th, but don’t wait. The sooner you order, the sooner your boxed wine will be looking good.

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